Clear Pad

colorless paintshop films

Clear Pad is an antistatic multiple layered transparent film used for light and window protection in paintshops. Compared to other products Clear Pad is the best with its quality, contents, reliability. Clear Pad is also very easy to work with.

Experience with

Easy installation and removal- everyone can install our films, there is no need to wait for cleaning companies.

Transport Company

Use of Clearpad films is favourable due to quick and easy maintenance of lights, walls and windows.

Car Developer

Clearpad Film

The product is certified by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009

A demonstration of the installation:

Specification / CP M200

Colour Number of items in one pack Proportions Use Transmittance (transparency) Form
Transparent 10 items from 60x40 cm
to 182x190cm
Paintshops 88,2 % / 10 layers
(the transparency improves with layers peeled off)
films with 11 layers
(10 numbered, 1 cover)

Colourless films for paintshops - Clear Pad

11 removable layers

Our films have 11 easily removable layers which can easily stop the contamination transmission at your workplace. After wearing of the layer it can be simply torn down.

Easy installation

Installation of our films consists of a few simple steps, which you can find here - even with illustrations - on our website.


Films are also requested in data centres, because of their dust removal abilities and because they can prevent contamination of the workplace. This is why we offer antistatic ESD care for our films.

No silicone or fluor

Films aren't harmful or contain any potentially dangerous materials for your health. They are suitable for use in intensive care units.

Lower than 0.5 mm

We offer the highest quality available on the market in the film development; our films remove dust very effectively and are really sticky, while maintaining their thin profile.

High Temperature resistant

Our films handle high temperatures very well up to 80°C, which broadens their utilization even in places where are objects exposed to high heat.

More products


Covers for robots

Covers for robots made from elastic materials serve to protect spraying robots. Now available with increased anti-static qualities for use in all environments. Especially suitable for the automotive industry, meeting all neccessary requirements for use.

Single layered transparent protective film in a roll

Single layered transparent protective antistatic film in a roll is used to protect surfaces against contamination, paint drips and mechanical damage. They are applicable in car industry where they meet all requirements necessary for use in paintshops. Tested by crater test with negative result. Various sizes available.



One layered floor opaque grey (black and white) film in a roll

One layered floor opaque grey (black and white) film in a roll designed to protect surfaces against contamination and mechanical damage. Ideal for floor protection and to protect tables where paints are mixed. Suitable for car industry where they meet all requirement for use in paintshops. Tested by crater test with negative result. Various sizes available.

Clear Pad

Antistatic multiple layered transparent film to protect lights and windows in paintshops from colour drips and leaks. 11 layers – 10 numbered and 1 cover layer. Easy installation and maintenance. Antistatic. Does not include fluor or silicone. Height of the film – 0,5 mm. Film adapts to most surfaces.


Entrance sticky mats

We offer peel-off entrance sticky mats (adhesive mats), which are suitable mainly to places where are increased hygiene demands. Each mat has separate sheets with adhesive surface, which helps to capture dirt, dust and maintain the exposed area clean.

Highly effective

AVMC sticky mats are highly effective, if they are applied and used correctly, and if their layers are correctly peeled. Our mats have ISO certified five step antidust system and a dirt removal system. The effectiveness was tested with 150 kilograms of weight.

Extra sticky, extra thin

The quality of sticky mats has a direct influence on the right way of their functioning. AVMC offers you the highest quality of mats development on the market; our mats remove dust very effectively and they are very sticky while maintaining their thin profile. Due to that they can be installed easily and problems like stumbling and wheel obstruction.

Non hazardous to health

AVMC sticky mats don't hazard with your health nor contain any potentially dangerous materials. They are suitable for use at intensive care units.

Special branding

Customers who subscribe for larger amounts of mats and our distribution partners may request special branding of their offers.

ISO certification

All our sticky mats have to undergo ISO quality testing certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, which matches the worldwide standards.

Antistatic on request

ESD care - our sticky mats are also very desirable in data centres and server rooms, because they can remove dust and prevent the pollution of the environment. This is why we offer antistatic ESD care for all colour and sizes of our sticky mats.

More products

Sticky Mats

Layered polyethylene films with 30-60 layers. Suitable for dust and paint removal at entrances to exposed areas. Ideal when placed right at the entrance to paintshops or at crossroads where it is necessary to protect the environment against dust, contamination and lacquer.  Crater test result negative. The mat consists of 30 – 60 sticky layers. You can choose among 6 colour options sized from A4 to 152 x 91 cm. Antistatic on request.



Rubber frames for our adhesive sticky mats

Unique rubber frames with slip edges and a recess to insert a mat in places where the mat cannot be glued to the ground or everywhere where is it necessary to move the mat.

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